Package Information

Dear Potential Customer,

Thanks for checking out this information. I hope I am available for the time you need me. (Please call soon, as I am booking into 2025 now. Many times are still available, but it would be good to call or email as soon as possible.)

Here is a brief description of some of my services with 2023 pricing.

I offer packages of photos in multiples of 50. These packages include 100-to-300 regular-sized photographs in an archival slip-in album, and 4 hours of time.(For instance, a 150-photograph album would cost $1000. (200 photographs would be $1200.) This assumes 4 hours of working time. Any amount of time over 4 hours would kick into an $145/hour working charge.) All photographs are finished 3.5 by 5 inch pictures… not just proofs. There are no proofs, but you get to see every printed picture. I take more than one picture of each group. Any duplicates and near-duplicates are available at a discounted price! I don’t bother printing any picture where someone has eyes closed, or where someone has inadvertently walked in front of the camera. Incidentally, 4×6 photographs are available for $95 additional. Also, for most jobs I can provide two-photographer coverage for no extra charge.


If you would like to see some of my work – actual jobs, not just samples – kindly surf on over to


By not initially locking customers into the more expensive albums, I feel I offer a reasonably priced alternative, and yet I’m still able to be flexible. That is, my customers get full coverage of the event with formal portraits, meaningful candids, and can still obtain a more formal 8×10 album at any time.

I also offer a budget video. Here are the details: shot on professional film, my partner captures as much as possible of what goes on. We do not feature titles, a great amount of editing, or fancy dissolves. Since I am already there for the photography, I offer this budget video of the reception for the low price of $950.

For folks just interested in digital images I offer all finished images on a disk or thumbdrive…..These images would be hi-res jpeg file format. The cost for this service is $1200 no matter the number of pictures and up to 5 hours of service.

Images can also be placed on a password-secured website so any of your friends and relatives around the world can view the pictures. The cost for this is $55, but for local folks, no charge….

I work with customers, and one of the frequent comments I hear is that I am unobtrusive. (I hate hearing about pushy photographers ruining affairs!!)

Turn-around time for most jobs is usually within a week.

I am able to keep prices down because of my low overhead. Only $100 deposit is requested if you decide to book with me. Balance on delivery of album and the assurance you are happy with the work.

Call when you can to come look at pictures. And be sure to check out for galleries of images and actual finish jobs. Any questions? Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me at any time….

Best wishes, and hoping that your 2023 is going well.

Sincerely, Joel

P.S. If you are interested in a date, let me know. If the date is available, I will pencil you in while you are deciding and/or looking around. Of course, no obligation.
P.P.S. If interested in having your old vsh tapes or slides or photo albums transferred to digital I would be happy to discount those services for you.

Pricing for various other services:

•business portrait: $80

•family portrait – $100        • vhs-to-dvd transfers: $25 ($20 for local folks)

•old film is priced by the foot (generally between $.25 & $.35

•slides and prints to digital images – $1 each